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IWOWNFIT i6 Pro Roll Band review: Trendy and Affordable vs Fitbit and Garmin

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Some years ago, when someone wore a wearable device we would look at him with awe and envy as smart wearables seemed like were coming from the future. Nowadays, a smart wristband is a common accessory used by millions of people around the world and have become more advanced thanks to technology taking big leaps forward.

The iWownFit i6 Pro is a trendy smar tband with excellent build quality, made of stainless steel and ABS while the strap is made of TPU and is soft and comfortable. The “Roll Band” as the company calls it, sports a big 0.73″ high-resolution PMOLED display that offers low power consumption and high sunlight legibility. Also, it comes with IP67 certification which means it is resistant to dust and water. As for its design, it has an ergonomic strap that enfolds your wrist for maximum comfort.

On to the features offered, we have the usual suspects that are present in most devices of this kind. This means that it can display time (obviously), count your steps, has continuous heart rate monitoring, measures distance, monitors your sleep, and counts calories burned. In addition, it can alert you about incoming calls and messages as well as to-do reminders.

The activation of the display can be achieved through a simple movement of your wrist so it can be used with one hand and it is very responsive to touches, a feature that many don’t pay attention to but it is very important with displays of this size. In addition to the above, the company provides an excellent mobile app that connects to the iWownfit i6 Pro and syncs all your data. The app is available for both Android and iOS and is compatible with Apple Health platform.

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