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IWOWNFIT R1 Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earbuds now on Indiegogo

Source:https://www.gizmochina.com     Time:2017-12-28 Hits:

Some of you GizChina readers will know the brand iWOWNfit, a well known wearables maker from China that is behind many of the smartwatches and fitness trackers you see on the market. Well, apparently they’re now moving into the audio world as well with a new pair of wireless earbuds that will soon have their own Indiegogo campaign.

The earphones we’re talking about are called iWOWNfit R1, they are wireless, work through Bluetooth and pack lots of other interesting features. Down below you’ll find the most important ones:

Heart Rate Monitor: the iWOWNfit R1 comes with a real time heart rate monitor that informs you with very accurate data when you tap the bottom part of the right earbud. So, for instance, you can keep heart rate at the fat burning interval to loose weight.

Sweat Resistance: the earbuds use Nano waterproof coating to keep it dry when you sweat.

Live Voice Coach: when your heart rate is higher or lower than your designated interval, the earbuds will remind you to speed up or slow down.

MP3 Player: the R1 is also an MP3 player with good sound quality. iWOWNfit used beryllium film speakers and invited professional tuner to provide a quality and smooth sound experience. The music will also stop when you take off the buds.

Built-in Memory Card: you can store at least 80 songs on the built-in memory. Thus, when not connected with Bluetooth, it can still play your favorite songs.

Bluetooth Connection: the earphones pack Bluetooth V4.0 to ensure long connection distance.

Calorie Burn Monitor: it records the calorie burned in the companion App, allowing you to keep track of your workouts.

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