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2019 Mobile World Congress 2019 Mobile World Congress

Time: 25 FEB-28 FEB 2019

Booth Number: CS86 

IWOWNFIT i6 Pro Roll Band review: Trendy and Affordable vs Fitbit and Garmin

Some years ago, when someone wore a wearable device we would look at him with awe and envy as smart wearables seemed like were coming from the future. Nowadays, a smart wristband is a common accessory used by millions of people around the world and have become more advanced thanks to technology taking big leaps forward.

IWOWNFIT R1 Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earbuds now on Indiegogo Some of you GizChina readers will know the brand iWOWNfit, a well known wearables maker from China that is behind many of the smartwatches and fitness trackers you see on the market. Well, apparently they’re now moving into the audio world as well with a new pair of wireless earbuds that will soon have their own Indiegogo campaign.

2018 Mobile World Congress 2018 Mobile World Congress

Time: 26 FEB-1 MAR 2018

Booth Number: CS84 

2018 International Consumer Electronics Show CES

Time: 9-12, January, 2018

Booth No.: Sands hall A-D 44469

Location: Sands,201 Sands Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169,US  

IWOWN: Find Best Partner All Over The World!

iWOWN started four years ago, we focus on wearable products. We believe in future everybody will quantified themselfs and upload their body data on cloud. Based on the big data, we think they can get better health care and they can optimize their health.

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